How to Find Abandoned Blogs

According to FindABlog's data, these 186 WordPress blogs have not received any new posts in over two years, so they may have been abandoned by their owners. Be sure to do your own research by visiting any of these blogs that interest you.

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The WordPress blogs in this list are ordered by: fewest elapsed days from last comment posted, followed by their general popularity with FindABlog's visitors.

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1. Blogs | Transparent Language

Wordpress blog containing 1 posts.

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2. Food and Beverage
A site about food and beverage, food and health, food habit, health and Nutrition, best health tips, best weight loss tips, weight gain tips, hotel and restaurant   
Wordpress blog containing 165 posts.

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3. Natural Remedies | Do Natural Remedies Really Work?
Have you been searching for information and facts about natural remedies? NaturalRemediesHQ.Com is packed with great information and we’re regularly adding brand new content to...   
Wordpress blog containing 28 posts.

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4. | thoughts, ideas and resources for youth work and youth ministry
thoughts, ideas and resources for youth work and youth ministry   
Wordpress blog containing 701 posts.

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5. Affiliate Programs - Learn Affiliate Marketing Online
Discover the best affiliate programs, tools, and resources to begin making money online with affiliate marketing. Earn extra money or start a new business.   
Wordpress blog containing 677 posts.

This list of abandoned WordPress blogs was last updated 21 October 2021 20:38:13 and is regularly updated so be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

How to Make Money from Abandoned Blogs

There are various ways you can make money from this list of abandoned WordPress blogs. First a quick disclaimer: none, some or all these blogs may not actually be abandoned! Be sure to do your own research on any of them that interest you. Our data is primarily based on the last post date of the blogs' posts. This data isn't always accurate - for example some blogs are hosted on servers where the is wrong! Fortunately it's generally pretty easy to do a quick 10 second manual confirmation of the data on FindABlog - simply visit the blog's home page and see if you can find when the blog's last post was published.

What To Do When You Actually Find an Abandoned Blog

People abandon blogs for many reasons. About the most critical first reason to check is that they haven't abandoned the blog because the content is no longer of relevance. For example you probably don't want to start a blog about the 2016 Olympic Games, or Donald Trump's presidency, or any other topic that has gone out of fashion. The best blogging topics tend to be about evergreen topics, like weight loss, gardening, prepping, alternative lifestyles and of course blogging.

Buying Abandoned Blogs

If the blog has been abandoned then there's a good chance you might be able to buy it from the owner!

First of all if you want to buy a blog then it's a good idea to know how people sell blogs. Check out this post on BlogTyrant for a good overview of how bloggers sell their blogs.

The advantage of buying a blog directly from the owner is that you're likely to end up with a better deal than had you bought the blog from a marketplace like Flippa or Empire Flippers.

If you're interested in buying a particular blog then make sure you do extensive due diligence on the blog. Insist on being allowed guest access to their Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts if they have them, and definitely DON'T rely on the data in FindABlog and other website information sites like Similar Web.

As far as blog valuations go, the article on BlogTyrant suggests that websites generally sell for 12x their monthly income. So if a website is making $500 a month then its price ought to be $6000. However, I'll point out that the article is pretty old now and blogs often sell for much higher multiples. For example, these guys bought a mom blog at a 36x multiple, and this guy this guy sold his blog for a 42x multiple!

This shows that buying blogs directly from the owners can be potentially lucrative in 2021. At the very least there's a bit of an arbitrage opportunity here - if you bought a $500 a month blog for $6000 and sold it for a 36x multiple you would make a potential $12,000 in profit!

What Else Can You Do With Abandoned Blogs?

It's worth looking for blogs that have been abandoned despite having a cult following. I once noticed a blog I used to follow had stopped being updated. I actually turned their blog idea into a discussion forum. It was a pretty successful strategy as I soon found my forum attracted new registrations from people that were also fans of the blog I was a fan of.

You can also play the waiting game and see if you can snap up the blog's domain name when it expires. This isn't that easy these days since any domain that has backlinks and receives traffic is pretty valuable and will likely be snapped up before it even expires and returns to the registrable pool of available domain names.

One trick you could try though is to wait until the blog's domain expires then recreate it on a brand new domain. You could even be cheeky and ask website owners to point their links to the old site to your new one!

If you do resurrect an old blog then you'll find the Internet Archive very useful, but just be aware that just because the blog has disappeared, there are potential copyright issues if you use the former website's content without permission.