About FindABlog.Net

Welcome to Find A Blog.Net. Find A Blog aims to be the #1 Internet resource for information about Internet blogs that run on the Wordpress or Blogger platforms.

Way back in 2013 I built Find A Forum listings site to replace the ever popular Big Boards (www.big-boards.com) that closed down for some reason.

Find A Blog is a spin-off from Find A Forum. It's basically more of the same thing, but I learnt a tonne while making Find A Forum so Find A Blog has more automation, more useful data and is maybe even more useful.

Although there are many ways of finding blogs, the Find A Blog bloggers directory has a number of advantages over its competitors. The key features are that Find A Blog:

  • Is actively being developed and enhanced.
  • The site is open for new blog submissions.
  • It is pretty much automated and will regularly add new blogs it thinks you'll find useful and interesting.
  • The site has a responsive design, so it looks great on anything from a 21" monitor to a 4" smartphone.
  • Shows you loads of useful information about each blog, such as the platform it uses (Wordpress or Blogger), Moz SEO data, how it's monetised and much more.
  • There are a few useful tools for finding untapped niches amongst the blog listings. I still find it cool that I sell niche business software I wrote in 2002, and my 2011 blog in the relationships niche still makes around $90 a month. To find easier blogging niches check out the list of FindABlog's most popular blogs. You might also be able to buy a cheap blog by finding some red hot opportunities in our list of abandoned blogs.
  • While there are blog directories like BlogORama, BlogLovin, BloggingFusion and Bloggeries, they are largely aimed at blog readers who want to discover new blogs. Find A Blog is aimed at site owners who want to connect with each other to exchange blog posts, comments and ideas.
  • Keeps track of blog domain names that are expiring and blogs that have been abandoned.
  • You can register for a FREE FindABlog account to set up your blogging projects and find related blogs to comment on in your niche(s). FindABlog is also a really useful content curation tool. It allows you to instantly see what everyone else is writing about in your niche(s), so you can write articles and social media posts to bring these to your followers' attention.

The Enduring Popularity of Internet Blogs

Blogs are immensely popular!

I made my second internet fortune from blogging! The key was finding a niche with hungry buyers. After that I just churned out content. Google is more discerning these days, but it is still possible to start a new blog and make money online. Check out the Help & FAQ for more tips on how to start your first money making blog. And to those who say that blogging is dead - read this encouraging post full of amazing blogging factoids.

BrettB, 12.12.2020

P.S. If you need some extra inspiration, check out my niche research tools Niche Laboratory (find keywords) and Blog Spy (see what your competitors are blogging about).