Successful Blog Commenting

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Does Blog Commenting Still Work?


That's the one word answer, so what about some more details of how you should definitely include blog commenting in your online marketing plans.

The first reason for blog commenting is that blog comments can be a good source of traffic to your site. I used to get a fair number of visitors to my site from comments I left on blogs such as Niche Pursuits (more on this blog later).

The second reason is that blog commenting can help to grow your online brand. I recommend you sign up for a free account on Gravatar so you can associate an avatar with your email address. People remember photos, so use an avatar that's memorable for your own website. You ultimately need to work towards establishing a recognisable brand, like FindABlog or FindAForum. Nowadays FindAForum is such a well know brand that I get traffic for many more searches for FindAForum than I get for terms like forum directory.

The third reason to comment on blogs is that it can help you to establish relationships with other bloggers and business owners in your niche. Once you've posted a couple of good quality comments on a blog then maybe you can contact the blogger and ask them if they're interested in a guest post, or they might be interested in guest posting on your own blog.

One more reason why you should comment on blogs is that it helps create a more diverse link profile to your site. It can therefore possibly help mitigate the effects of a link building campaign.

How to Leave a GOOD Blog Comment

I used to teach English as a foreign language (quite a good niche, but very saturated these days). One lesson I taught was about how to write a good comment. It's amazing how many people don't know how to write a good blog comment! Anyway, here are my tips for writing good comments:

In my blogging lesson I used the following example as a good blog comment:

Example of a good blog comment

What's good about this comment:

  • He mentions the name of the blogger (Suzanne). Mentioning somebody's name in print always helps you get noticed.
  • He starts with praising the blogger. This is always a good place to start.
  • It is obvious that the reader has actually read the blog.
  • He makes a suggestion in the final sentence. It could have been a better recommendation, but again it is clear that he has actually read Chelsea's blog.

Unfortunately I can't link to the blog I based my lesson on as it's no longer available online.

Remember that bloggers get A LOT of spam. Here's an example of a blogger who has received 645 spam comments:

WordPress admin console showing 645 spam comments received

Do you think it is fun to have to deal with this number of spammy comments?

Here are some more tips for making really good blog comments:

  • Make it clear from your comment that you've actually read the blog post.
  • As my high school English teacher always used to tell us - show a sense of audience. Who are you writing for? Who will read your blog comment?
  • Ensure you leave a comment related to the content of the blog post you're commenting on. Never post about weight loss or some other topic on a blog about growing plants or looking for vacations in Hawaii.
  • Longer blog comments have a much higher chance of being published, but again, make sure they're relevant.
  • I found that posting 2 comments on different blog posts shows that you're really interested in a person's blog.
  • Why not reply to somebody else's comment in the comment section? I always like it when commenters start threads in my own blogs' comments section.
  • Some blogs will accept links but be aware that anything off-topic or overly promotional will be very unlikely to get published on the site. In particular, don't post links that use URL shorteners, are for low quality sites and don't really add any value to the blog post.
  • Finally never use a VPN or Proxy while your posting blog comments as you'll largely be wasting your time - these blog comments will be automatically flagged as spam by a lot of systems blog owners use to identify comment spam.

If you want more tips on how to write really good blog comments then check out this blog.

Also don't post lots of spammy marketing comments using a particular email address then switch to posting legit comments using the same email address. That email address may be flagged as spam and again your comments will be filed straight into /dev/null (geeky expression for saying your comment will go straight in the trash).

How to Find Blogs to Comment On

You can of course search Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo to find blogs to comment on. I tend to use DuckDuckGo a lot more these days because I find their search results pages are a lot cleaner than Google's. They also use an infinite scroll which makes it easy to just browse a long list of results in search of blogs to comment on.

With all the searches you can search for your niche followed by comments which can help narrow down a list of blogs that actually allow you to post comments. However it is still time consuming searching for blogs to comment on, due to:

  • Some blogs don't allow comments.
  • Some blogs that did allow comments have turned off comments. For example the well known Niche Pursuits blog turned off blog comments, even though reading the comments on that site was a really valuable source of information.
  • Many blogs only allow you to post comments through Facebook or Google.
  • Quite a few blogs turn off comments on articles after a certain number of days. This is very widespread due to it being an option within WordPress.
  • A few blogs have broken comment systems (usually relating to broken Captcha or anti-spam plug-ins).

So if you're intending to comment on blogs then be aware that it can be fairly time consuming.

One way of saving a lot of time is to register for a FREE FindABlog account. Once you've registered you can add your projects and then find related blogs to comment on by just pressing one button. What's more, the FindABlog commenting service actually shows you a list of recent blog posts from the related blogs. You don't necessarily have to comment on the blog's most recent post - you might actually find some blog posts that are much more relevant and interesting to you, so you can comment on those instead.

How to Move On From Blog Commenting

Once you've got experienced at blog commenting then you can definitely move onto other methods of online marketing.

You should definitely start your own blog at some stage. Just remember to choose a niche that's not too competitive. Check out our sister site FindANiche.Net as there are some tools on the site to help you find a niche that's not super competitive. My tip is that hobby niches are pretty good, and also any business niche that you have specialist knowledge of gained through your job.

Once you have a blog set up, you can write articles and start attracting visitors to your blog. You could also start a YouTube channel. These tend to grow much faster than blogs these days, and video making is a lot of fun (but time consuming).

When you have a steady stream of traffic to your blog, check the Google Search Console for clues about what content you should be writing about. You can also start a mailing list which can be lucrative for promoting offers. Talking of offers - it's a good idea to think about building your own range of products and services. You then get to keep a larger proportion of the income generated by your site.

Register for a FREE FindABlog account to set up your blogging projects and find related blogs to comment on in your niche or niches.