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Do you want to start a blog but don't know what to write about? Do you want to find a blogging niche that isn't too competitive? If so then you'll want to check out our list of low competition niches (plus a list of those that are best avoided). This page highlights blogging niches that appear less competitive than other niches. Blogs in these niches will gain traffic more quickly and with little to no link building.

This page also lists super competitive niches that you're probably better off staying well away from. Newbie blog owners usually make the mistake of picking one of these niches. While you can can well with blogs in these niches, you're usually better to choose a less competitive niche where it's possible to get established comparatively quickly.

Incidentally, most blogging niches are pretty competitive these days. If you want a whole lot less competition then consider making content for YouTube. Check out our sister site FindAChannel for a list of the easiest YouTube niches in 2021.

This data is generated by our AI engine SakiAI. The data in these tables changes regularly, so remember to bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

How to Use This Data

Here is more information about the columns in the tables above:

This is a percentage scale (0: not popular, 100: very popular). Popularity is a measure of how popular this niche is with other bloggers. For example many people write blogs about weight loss or making money online. Comparatively few people write blogs about horse racing or goal setting. Generally speaking more popular niches have more competition, although this tends to be from other bloggers. It doesn't necessarily show how competitive the search results are for a particular niche because the search results could be dominated by major players. For example in shopping niches there may be less blogs but you'll be up against Amazon, eBay and etsy. Some niches also have few bloggers but competition from business is intense - the water coolers niche being one such example.
This is on a percentage scale (0: no competition, 100: very competitive). This is a more general measure of how competitive a niche is. However, bear in mind that this data is more heavily biased towards competition in search results for web pages. It can be easier to get traffic on YouTube in more competitive niches, but it will still be a hard slog unless you have followers from a previous blog or social media empire. Remember to visit our sister site FindAChannel as it has a number of useful SEO tools for YouTube.
A niche's overall potential is rated on a percentage scale. Be aware that this scale is the inverse of the previous two, i.e. 0 is the lowest potential and 100 is for niches with the most potential. Niche potential is assessed by a combination of popularity and competitiveness.

What Are Good Blogging Niches?

I spent a lot of time blogging in 2009 - 2012. I used to blog in some difficult niches (business software, accountancy) and one much easier niche - general lifestyle. Although my accountancy blog received very high value clicks on CPC (cost per click) adverts, I hardly received any visitors to my blog. It was also pretty difficult writing the articles, especially as I'm not a trained accountant!

By contrast my lifestyle blogs displayed advertising that lead to much lower CPC values per click. However, the sites received at least 10x as much traffic as my accountancy blog, and it was much easier to write the articles. In the end I decided to continue with my lifestyle blogs and I let the accountancy website domain expire.

I recommend blogging about evergreen topics. These are subjects that people are always interested in, regardless of the time of year or other factors. I also recommend not focussing on the day to day changes in your website traffic. Your site's traffic will go up and down - get used to it. Below is a chart of the number of visitors to one of my niche blogs over a 9 year timespan:

Chart showing almost constant traffic to my 9 year old niche site

Note how there was a major traffic slump in 2013. Most bloggers would simply have let the domain name expire, and gone on to try some other way of making money online.

Why has this blog done so well? These general observations might help:

More tips for choosing a blogging niche: