Blogging Data

Welcome to Find A Blog - the internet's #1 blog directory site. Here at Find A Blog's you can browse or search 13,824 Wordpress and 781 Blogger blogs in a wide range of niches (that's 14,605 blogs in total). Below are some more data insights from data held in the blog directory. Feel free to use this data on your own blog, but please do attribute use with a link to If you want more blogging statistics then please do contact me as I can easily supply other data like this for you to make your own interesting charts from.

Most Popular Domain Registrars

This chart lists the 15 most popular domain registrars used by the bloggers whose blogs are listed on FindABlog. Note that this refers to the company used to register the blog's domain name, it doesn't necessarily relate to which company hosts the blogs.

Most Popular WordPress Themes

This chart shows the 20 most popular WordPress Themes as used by the blogs in the FindABlog blog listings.

View a longer listing of the top WordPress Themes in use on the 50 Most Popular WordPress Themes page.

Most Popular Social Media Accounts for Bloggers

This chart shows the percentage of blogs listed on FindABlog that use the popular social media platforms. Podcasts are grouped as one since there are currently many different podcasting platforms.

At the time of writing this in February 2021, Facebook was the clear leader as far as the percentage of bloggers linking to their Facebook Pages from their blogs. In second place is perhaps unsurprisingly Twitter. Plenty of bloggers get a lot of opportunities from this chat platform but remember to stay on your niche's topic and don't get drawn into pointless flame wars.

In third place YouTube is another popular platform for bloggers. There are still many opportunities to do something amazing with this video platform. For example the channel I watch most lunchtimes was only started in 2019 yet it has accrued hundreds of thousands of views and I am pretty sure the creator is making a decent amount of money from it.

Following up, Pinterest is gaining popularity with bloggers. Personally I'm just irritated by the number of junk results I see from Pinterest in search results, but hey, many bloggers are getting a lot of traffic from it.

Finally LinkedIn remains pretty much ignored by bloggers. Personally I hate the place but it is potentially useful if you're blogging about business and B2B related topics. Don't ignore Podcasts either - they're very popular these days and you should definitely check out our list of bloggers doing some great stuff with podcasts. Another site to check out is Patreon - you might be able to use it to add a new revenue stream to your own blog. Here's our list of bloggers making great use of Patreon.