Interview Me For Your Blog or Channel

If you have a website in the blogging, make money online or SEO niche then you won't want to miss out on this opportunity!

Hi, I'm Brett B, the creator and owner of FindABlog. I'm looking for bloggers and vloggers who are interested in interviewing me for their own blogs or YouTube channels.

I've been making money online since 1998. I started by writing articles for $'s after seeing some "write for us" links on tech blogs. After that I started a successful shareware software business. I then switched to building mini-niche sites.

This is the traffic chart for one of my long running niche blogs:

It makes a steady $1000 a year in the lifestyle niche.

The blogging bubble kind of burst for me in 2012, so I started building other types of site. In 2013 I started FindAForum, which is now the internet's biggest specialist directory of discussion forums. I built the Niche Laboratory keyword tool in 2014 and launched FindABlog in December 2020.

In January 2021 I launched FindAStore which is a directory of Shopify and WooCommerce stores. It's an essential research tool for anyone thinking of entering the dropshipping niche in 2024. In March 2021 I launched FindAChannel - a huge directory of YouTube influencers and general YouTube SEO tool.

I am available for blog interviews or video interviews on YouTube. I could also do Twitter and Facebook interviews, though I don't use social media so much these days.

Before interviewing me take a look at FindABlog and think of some good questions you can ask me. I have 11 years' worth of data in my sites' databases so if you ask me some kick ass questions I should be able to give you some exclusive data to share with your audience. This page is an example of the kind of data I have. I also have a lot of data about Niches and about Forums.

Some background information about me:

  • I majored in science (BSc and PhD) but switched to software development because there were more jobs and they paid more.
  • I started my first major online business in 2002. I built some software in Visual Basic 6.0 and sold it online with prices from $49.95 to $249.95. In my best week I made about $750.
  • I started writing eBooks in 2009. I sold a few eBooks on ClickBank but it was never a huge moneyspinner.
  • I started blogging in 2010. I mostly blogged in the relationships niche. It was easy to write the articles and people went click crazy on the adverts in this niche! Most people really hate being single, huh?
  • In my peak blogging month I made over $1000 from AdSense and then affiliate programmes.
  • My blogs still make some money, but not as much as they used to.
  • I invested every cent I made online in stocks, bonds and property. Also a little gold, but I have never invested in cryptocurrencies.
  • In 2018 I was making more from my investments than from my online ventures.
  • I've had lots of setbacks. Google Panda/Penguin hit my sites in 2011-12 but I wasn't wiped out like so many other bloggers. I got banned by PayPal. I also had AdSense problems with one niche, but after a warning I ended up making more money from affiliate programmes.
  • I was working as a university lecturer in China when Covid happened. Honestly, it wasn't my fault!!!

How to get in touch:

For blog interviews just email me the URL of your blog and send me some questions. I can also do roundtables and general discussions.

BrettB, 12.01.2021